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Goedhuis Waddesdon Team

Johnny Goedhuis


It was once reported in one of the UK's finest wine magazines that I founded Goedhuis & Co in 1781. Old I may be, but not quite that old. In truth they were 200 years out. Unlike the Chief Executive, who has only been gainfully employed by Goedhuis & Co, I was employed by Corney and Barrow before setting up Harrison, Cliff and Goedhuis in the mid 1970’s. Selling screw top bottles of Cavitello from my light-blue Vauxhall Viva was really not me, so when Mark Birley asked me to start a wine business with him I jumped at the chance. Working with Mark, in the smartest wine shop in London gave me some wonderful experiences, including lunch in Mark's Club with Harry Waugh where we drank two bottles of Ch Cheval Blanc 1947 between ourselves.

Over the last 30 years Goedhuis & Co has grown and thrived with one or two slight hiccups. A few years ago I became Chairman but reports of my recent retirement have been greatly exaggerated.

My cellar is made up of 50% Red Burgundy, 30% Bordeaux and a little Rhone and Italian. The New World and White Burgundy fail to be represented except in tiny quantities.

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