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2007 En Primeur Update


The Bordeaux 2007 En Primeur campaign is finally starting to take shape and many of our recommended wines have now been released onto the market.

The campaign started with the release of sweet wines from Sauternes which excelled in 2007 producing plush wines with lots of concentration and complexity.

The latest releases which we are pleased to offer are, Vieux Château Certan, Lynch Bages, Leoville and Langoa Barton.


Ch Filhot, 2eme Cru Sauternes £155.00
GD:89-91, JR:15.5 NM:85-87 D:17 WS:87-90 MJ:17

Ch Doisy Vedrines, 2eme Cru Sauternes £210.00
GD:90-92, JR:16.5, NM:94-96, D:17, WS:89-92, MJ:17

Ch Lafaurie Peyraguey, 1er Cru Sauternes £270.00
GD:90-93, JR:15.5, NM:91-93 D:18, WS:91-94, MJ:18+

Ch Guiraud, 1er Cru Sauternes £300.00
GD:91-93, JR:16.5, NM:92-94, D:17.5, WS:91-94, MJ:18

Ch La Tour Blanche, 1er Cru Sauternes £345.00
GD:91-93, JR:16.5, NM:86-88, D:18, WS:90-93, MJ:18.5

Ch Suduiraut, 1er Cru Sauternes £440.00
GD:91-93, JR:17.5, NM:91-93, D:19 WS:92-95 MJ:18

Ch Rieussec, 1er Cru Sauternes £495.00
GD:91-93 JR:19, NM:92-94, D:19, WS:93-96, MJ:18.5


Ch Lafon Rochet, 4eme Cru St Estephe £200.00
GD:87-89, JR:15.5, RP:85-87, NM:85-87, D:16.5, WS:84-87, MJ:17

Ch Talbot, 4eme Cru St Julien, £255.00
GD:87-90, JR:16.5, RP:84-86, NM:88-89+, D:16.5, WS:87-90, MJ:17.5

Ch Lagrange, 3eme Cru St Julien £255.00
GD:87-88, JR:15, RP:88-91, NM:90-92, D:16, WS:84-87

Ch Beychevelle, 4eme Cru St Julien £275.00
GD:87-89, JR:16.5, NM:91-93, D:16.5, WS:84-87, MJ:16.5

Langoa Barton, 3eme Cru St Julien £295.00
GD: 89-92, JR:16, RP:87-89, WS:88-91, MJ:17

Ch Gruaud Larose, 2eme Cru St Julien £300.00
GD:88-91, JR:16, RP:87-90, D:16.5, WS 88-91, MJ:17

Lynch Bages, 5eme Cru Pauillac £395.00
GD:89-92, JR:15.5, RP:87-89 WS:85-88, MJ:17.5

Léoville Barton, 2eme Cru St Julien £395.00
GD: 89-92, RP: 87-90, JR: 16.5, WS: 88-91, MJ:17.5

Ch Pontet Canet, 5eme Cru, Pauillac £440.00
GD:89-92, JR:16.5, RP:91-94 WS:88-91, MJ:18

Vieux Château Certan, Pomerol £620.00
RP: 89-91. WS: 88-91. JR: 17.5-. MJ: 18. GD: 89-92

All prices are quoted per case/ In Bond

Please download our brochure for further information on the Bordeaux 2007 Campaign.

To order please call our sales team on: 020 793 7900 or Email Sales