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News » January 2012


Lucy Saunders Rides to Third Place on Early Wings

The lovely Lucy Saunders, sponsored by Goedhuis & Co, came third last weekend in North Carlton riding Early Wings. Huge congratulations to her!

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The Legendary 1998 Mas de Daumas Gassac – Bring it on!

This past weekend I was fortunate to stumble across the 1998 Mas de Daumas red in a restaurant in Paris. Despite the City of Lights being a foodie’s paradise in terms of restaurants,

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Happy Chinese New Year

Dear All, Today is officially the year of the Dragon. Just like Christmas, it is a time where family and extended family get together.

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Shea-k it baby

Yesterday I attended the Washington State & Oregon annual trade wine tasting. Our fantastic Shea Pinot Noirs 2008 were on show and they were simply outstanding.

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Mouton Rothschild Dinner- Nov 2011

With a combined age of 132, it has taken a considerable amount of time for the Goedhuis brothers to hold a joint event but it was worth the wait.

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