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News » October 2016


Plenitude versus Plentitude

Rebranding anything is difficult. People are conservative by nature and even when something has a terrible name to start with, like “Oil of Ulay”’s change to simply “Olay” or “Opal Fruits” to “Starburst”, there’s the feeling that something’s been lost....

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Rhône 2015 |A preview

For a few months there have been whispers in the wine trade about the Rhône 2015s. Just this morning Jancis Robinson MW commented “I have by no means finished my tastings yet but I can tell you that the northern Rhône...

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Goedhuis & Co Own Label Red & White Burgundy

Yes, yes, we are biased, but we believe our collaborations with these fantastic producers have created two top drinking Burgundies for immediate enjoyment now and throughout the winter.

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Intense classic Chablis | Buy these 2014s while you can

Alan Meadows, the preeminent authority on fine Burgundy, has recently re-tasted and re-scored the Chablis 2014s, reconfirming his (and our) initial glowing reviews.

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European class with South American spice

Bodegas Caro – The uniting of two great wine dynasties The wonderfully exotic wines of Bodegas Caro represent the uniting of two great wine dynasties,the Rothschild family in France, and the Catena family in Argentina. Historically the Malbec grape owed its...

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