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News » June 2010


Breakfast Rosé at Winchester House Prep School

Start them young I hear you cry! Well some of them got close to a glass last Saturday, but too many thirsty Summer Fields parents were first in line

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Bored of Bordeaux?

We spend much of our lives (both working and otherwise) recommending wines to customers and friends. We are always pleased when they take the time to tell us

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Rosé Tasting – Billecart Salmon

I was lucky enough to be posted in the Billecart Salmon room which happens to be my favourite rosé champagne. I was joined by two Billecart agents

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Rosé Tasting – Champagne de Bruyne Rosé

De Bruyne is our new house Champagne that we began working with about 8 months ago. Because of the strong euro, we were keen to find a new house Champagne

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Rosé Tasting – the best bits

Here are the photos of some of the highlights of last week’s rosé tasting – 1,000 cupcakes, 600 bottles of wine, a steel band and lots of happy (and oh so glamorous) guests….

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