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A whistle stop tour: Barbaresco and Alto Adige


On to Barbaresco in the fog on Thursday to taste with Renato at Cantine del Pino. The area is lower lying than Barolo, wines mature on average 2 weeks earlier so represent a different interpretation of the Nebbiolo grape.


I really enjoyed the Langhe Nebbiolo 10 and Barbaresco Ovello 07 made from 70 year old vines.


Then on to Cigluiti to see a sweet family. Old man Cigluiti was a wonderful wizened patriarch and his daughter a great character, and the salami we were given was the BEST! Lovely easy drinkers all.


It was hard to tear ourselves away but lunch beckoned, what a scene, our waiter Caesar was hysterical and could have happily filled in for Manuel in Fawlty Towers !

4 hour high speed drive across to Alto Adige for dinner with Matteus of Manincor, now this is an exciting winery entirely bio-dynamic and producing really different pure drinkable wines, set in against a backdrop of the Dolomites.


We tasted through them all the following morning having had a very quiet night with hardly a drop to drink – Charleeeee. I loved these wines and felt positively enlivened after the mornings tasting.


A final quick visit to Tiefenbruner to taste and witness a strange collection of concrete gnomes, lunch and then to Verona for the flight home.

Italy is a pleasure, there is time to taste and talk, the food is wonderful and I just wish I could speak more of the lingo – guess I just need to get back over there.