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Blowing our own Trumpet


It is immensely un-British to shout about one’s own successes – but we seem to be getting over that with the Olympics – so here is a quick note of some good things that have been going on for Goedhuis….

We are absolutely thrilled to have been nominated for two upcoming awards. In the Decanter Wine Retailer of the Year Awards we have been nominated in the National Wine Merchant of the Year category. This is a huge honour and sees us going head to head with the might of Majestic, BBR and The Wine Society so we are not quite popping the cork on the bubbly yet.


We are even more delighted to have made it onto the shortlist for Burgundy Specialist of the Year in the International Wine Challenge Merchant of the Year Awards. If we were forced to pin our colours to a regional mast it would always be Burgundy. We are continually looking to strengthen our Burgundy list further – be it talking to new upcoming producers or persuading our existing Domaines to increase our allocations or give us additional wines – and recognition of that really puts a smile on our faces.

Finally, a glowing recommendation in Tania Ahsan’s extremely readable blog “Everything I know about Booze“. I never expected to see our services compared to that of a reliable “vajazzler” but here is Tania’s recommendation in full:

“Btw, children, you must, must, must find a good fine wine merchant you trust. Just as you wouldn’t want to trust LOCOG with your vajazzling, I can’t overstate the importance of having someone on your side who suggests great wines to you without being a dick. We all know how intimidating it can be to buy wines if you’re not that up on all the esoteria of the subject but this Goedhuis lot you can go to and simply Withnail it: “We want the finest wines available to humanity, we want them here, and we want them now.””

So thank you Tania for such a glowing endorsement and fingers crossed for the results being announced at the beginning of September. We will keep you posted….