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Burgundy 2010 Harvest Update


The 2010 harvest in Burgundy is looking optimistic despite earlier apprehension.

When David and I were tasting through some of the 2009s in early September, some growers were a bit nervous about the harvest. August had been mostly cool and rainy, so though the chances of it being a grand harvest were slim. But the Burgundians were hoping that the region could grab itself by its bootstraps and come out on top.


Mother Nature seems to have been on its side for the most part because the berries are looking good despite some botrytis in the Cote de Beaune on some Chardonnay. Millerandage has limited its quantity, however, and domaines are down – Jean-Philippe Fichet decreased his production by 40% and Jean-Marie Fourrier was down by up to 50% from his 2009 harvest. But both of their grapes were very healthy. The limited quantity no doubt contributed to the grapes success as the vine was able to focus its energy and attention.