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Ch Lafite Rothschild Blanc?


We have just received an email offering us 2 bottles of Ch Lafite Rothschild BLANC 1959 for 2395 euros. I must be one of the very few people ever to have drunk this wine.


A number of years ago I was asked to dinner by a great wine collector. After a glass or two of champagne we settled down to dinner and he announced that if I guessed the white wine he would give me a case of the red. Which just happened to be Ch Mouton 1945 one of the greatest wines I have ever had the chance to drink.

My host was of course quite safe as the wine was Ch Lafite Blanc 1959, a wine that very few people knew was ever made. It was produced purely for the family and for those that worked at the Château.

What was extraordinary about the wine was just how fresh and good it was.