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Domaine Begude Is a Huge Success


Jancis Robinson in the Financial Times, 10th May highlights the success of British winemakers.

The beautiful French chateaux’s and lifestyle of a vigneron has proved to be an appealing vocation and career for the British. Hundreds of thousands have subsequently turned their attention to winemaking.

However, when buying your chateaux it is equally important to choose the right appellation and terroir. Heather Van Ekris from Château des Mille Anges says “Our property in the Premières Côtes de Bordeaux is very beautiful but had we known more about wine, I would have persuaded my husband to buy something a little smaller in St-Émilion which has a name,”

Jancis Robinson says, “for sales acumen I would back James Kinglake a former city trader who moved with his wife Catherine and young family to Domaine Begude in Limoux four years ago.”

Situated high in the beautiful foothills of the Pyrenees in the South of France, near Limoux, a village well known for its terrific Chardonnays. The key to Bégude’s excellent balance and freshness is the altitude of the vineyards ensuring a long cool growing season. This fact, coupled with tiny yields and biodynamic techniques, resulted in grapes of the highest quality.

The following tasting notes by Jancis Robinson (JR) suggest that she is very impressed by James and Catherine’s wines which are all available through Goedhuis & Co.

Domaine Begude Chardonnay 2006 Limoux £69.00 Ex-VAT
High altitude (350m) vineyards in south-west Languedoc translate into a particularly fine, refreshing Chardonnay. Great value (JR)

L’Étoile de Begude 2006 Limoux £69.00 (6 pack) Ex-VAT

This is one of Kinglake’s very fine bottlings which is designed to be a bargain alternative to Chassagne and significantly cheaper than the Toques et Clochers collection of barrel-aged Limoux Chardonnays. (JR)

L’Esprit de Begude Pinot Noir 2006 Limoux £76.34 (6 pack) Ex-VAT
Unnervingly it tastes exactly as though it were made in Russian River Valley in California. (JR)