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Glorious Germany: 2017 Rieslings and 2015, 2016 & 2017 Pinot Noirs


German wines have been quietly but gradually establishing a place on our list over the past few years. After visiting growers across the major wine-growing regions earlier this summer, Catherine Petrie MW has put together this German offer, highlighting four of the country’s finest producers who have excelled in recent vintages:

  • Dönnhoff in Nahe
  • Dr. Loosen in Mosel
  • Fürst in Franken
  • Stodden in Ahr

Germany’s recent international success has been won on the strength of its seamless expression of Riesling and Pinot Noir (aka Spätburgunder). The hackneyed image of German wines being sweet, cheap and bottled in blue glass is so out of step with the revolution taking place amongst the talented German winemakers of today. These wines have a delicate power: slender, fresh, long, layered, mouth-watering, and criminally underrated in the mainstream.

This offer includes 2017 Rieslings, and Pinot Noirs from the 2015, 2016, and 2017 vintages. In addition to producer reviews and tasting notes, our brochure includes grape variety and vintage overviews, a glossary of some technical terms and an explanation of sweetness levels in German wines. As some of the wine names can be challenging to pronounce, we have numbered the wines in our offer for ease of ordering. The wines are available for delivery from late November 2018.

View our full Germany Summer 2018 Brochure