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Haut Brion and La Mission Haut Brion 2014


A busy day in Bordeaux with both Haut Brion and La Mission Haut Brion released. At £1175 per 6, just a smidge above Mouton (the pound has weakened a bit in the last week), the Haut Brion is the cheapest on the market today with the exception of the 2013.


Unfairly, in our view, these two great estates from the Clarence Dillon stable often fly under the radar compared to the First Growths and other top-flight Bordeaux. Under the brilliant management of wine director Jean-Philippe Delmas there has been no holding back on investment both in the vineyards and wineries, all with the single goal of creating the very greatest of quality.


Their 2014s highlight the strength of both Cabernet and Merlot in this late harvested vintage. Ch Haut Brion, renowned for its longevity, epitomises the qualities of the vintage superbly with its great brightness of fruit. The fresh nature of the wines this year will allow the 2014s to be perceived as very classic indeed.


Ch La Mission Haut Brion has actually been awarded more 100 Parker points than any other chateau. The secret to its success is its adorable charm and ability to produce wines that are both complex but irresistible in style. The 2014 certainly has the potential to continue in this vein.