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Highly Commended at the Spears Design for Living Awards 2011


We were really delighted to be short-listed in the Vintner category of the Spears Design for Living Awards 2011 – and even more thrilled to get a “Highly Commended”, even if we didn’t bag the trophy itself.


Spears threw a great party at the Jack Barclay Bentley showroom on Berkeley Square. Lots of lovely Taittinger and delicious grilled asparagus with Parmesan. I felt decidedly underdressed having hot-footed it from the Wine Fair over at Excel (caught up with the ever charming Alain Riviere of Chateau d’Esclans and the adorable Sydneys, who represent a really high class selection of Loire valley wines) – I had managed a frock and heels, but the glamour quotient was seriously high. However, in spite of lots of household names in the room everyone was super-friendly and relaxed.

Johnny seemed to know everybody and rapidly charmed anybody he didn’t. The food and wine people gravitated towards each other. Ben Weatherall (possibly the tallest man I have ever met?) got a commendation for his Iron Age Pork – apparently a cross between a Wild Boar and a Tamworth Sow (so good for Asterix fans then). Another inspiring prizewinner was Ian Hart of Sacred Gin who actually has a distillery in his kitchen in Highgate.

So thanks to Spears for a great event – and let’s make sure we make it to the top spot next year!