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Sesti's New Clothes


A very striking figure clad fully in black arrived yesterday afternoon at our offices bearing 2 bottles of red wine. The glasses were familiar big round and black, although they could have been red, but the clothes looked strangely un-Italian. They did indeed prove to be wholly British from our beloved M & S. The usual Giugi attire had got the wrong side of the weather, but despite this he carried them off with huge aplomb.

Over for a few days staying with theatre buddies in Covent Garden, Giugi was here to talk about the new packaging for what was called Terra di Sienna (a colour in an artist’ s palette). This wine is made from Bordeaux varietals 60% Cabernet and 40% Merlot and aged in French oak barriques a third of which are new. He first made it in 1999, but has found that it was easily forgotten in favour of his fabulous Brunello.

Now it in turn is sporting new clothes and is to be launched imminently as Castello Sesti 2006. A fine vintage, with a label similar in layout to the Brunello but with the colour being burnished gold. Looks extremely smart and will be sold as would “en primeur” Bordeaux, something not yet seen in the region, so will be interesting to watch its progress.

There is a limited production packed six to a wooden case, bottles are all individually wrapped in tissue paper.

Complimenti Giugi.