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Sherry – Maligned, Misunderstood, Magnificent | New book


Sherry’s renaissance is happening and is illustrated in an inspiring new book: Sherry – Maligned, Misunderstood, Magnificent, written by wine veteran Ben Howkins, which will be published by the Steven Spurrier-led Académie du Vin Library on 16th September.

Sherry (fortified wine from Andalucia, Spain) is emerging from its controversial connotation as grandma’s favourite Christmas tipple into a fine wine served in many of the most fashionable bars/restaurants in the capital. There is a sherry to suit all tastes. It is so varied and versatile that it can be served as an aperitif wine that pairs well with tapas and salty nibbles, with a meal, or for a sweet palate to accompany or even replace a dessert. It is even an ingredient in many enticing cocktails.

Ben told us that he has “been following sherry’s gradual retreat from the world of wine with sadness and indignation and felt it was time for wheel to turn. Every wine lover (and Goedhuis customer) should realise that dry sherries are great wines and deserve to be treated and enjoyed as such. In style terms, sherry should be competing with Champagne; in trend terms, Sherry should be the next Gin.”

This resurgence of the finest sherry is due in part to several young passionate winemakers determined to shape a captivating new future. To find out more, dive into this book to (re)discover how complex, fascinating, and rewarding a glass of Sherry can be.