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Tasting Burgundy 2015: Our friends the Fichets


There are so many good things to report from our week in Burgundy. Glorious red 2015s from the Côte de Beaune and the Côte de Nuits and many superb white Burgundies that will give huge drinking pleasure early while we wait patiently for the 2014 to show their full potential.

Clouds in Puligny, Tasting at Rouget, Jean-Philippe and Michelle Fichet
Clouds in Puligny, Tasting at Rouget, Jean-Philippe and Michelle Fichet

However, it was the last visit of the week that gave me the greatest pleasure. Lunch followed by a tasting at Domaine Fichet. Jean-Philippe and Michelle have been close friends since Tom and I started buying from them in 1988. During that time we have watched Jean Philippe build up a wonderful Meursault Domaine producing some of the finest Meursaults in the village.

When I saw them earlier this year after the frost of the night of the 26th April they were deeply concerned. Their vines had been devastated. They were worried that 60% of the crop had been destroyed in that fateful hour when the sun rose on the 27th to burn and destroy the emerging buds.

Five and a half months later the change in our friends was huge. Through unbelievably hard work in the vineyards, perfect treatment of mildew and odium and having the luck, for once, of not being hit by a destructive hail storms they had managed to produce 60% of a normal crop. Furthermore, the quality of their 2016s is good, possibly very good indeed. The result was that worry lines had cleared and smiles and laughter once again resounded around Jean-Philippe’s immaculate cellar.

As to the tasting of their 2015s, there are some stunning wines that will give pleasure early but should age happily for seven to ten years. For anyone looking for a very special white Burgundy the Meursault Chevalières is superb.