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Thursday Night Dinner


Last night I went to a birthday dinner at Morton’s Steak House (one of the best Steak Houses in HK).

I thought I might as well bring some ammo with me as usually those places are pretty expensive and I can bring better wines for much cheaper and drink more! When we sat down for Dinner, one of the guests made us a big surprise by pulling a bottle of Dom Perignon …. Vintage 2002! Amazing Champagne to start the evening! Elegant, thin bubbles with tremendous yeasty, biscuity, white flowers, water peach bouquet… I could really go on… well a great opener!

While having starters to share amongst us (Tuna Tartar with Avocado, King Prawn Cocktails and Oysters) my bottle of J.M Boillot, Puligny-Montrachet 2006 was chilled enough and ready to be consumed…. Well, once again, I would go on and on in regards to the flavors! A typical Amazing 2006 Chardonnay made by a genius! Buttery, well balanced, huge minerality with hints of tropical fruits, grapefruit and an incredible length! I love 2006 white Burgundies….

Upon our arrival (7pm) I gave two bottles of red to the Maitre d’Hotel to be decanted (Cote Rotie “La Rose Pourpre” Domaine Pierre Gaillard 2001 and Brunello di Montalcino Riserva “Phenomena” Sesti 2004). Everyone would agree that both regions are not to be taken lightly (neither should the winemakers) and a long time in the decanter was needed. When the huge steaks arrived a couple of hours later, we started with the 2001 Cote Rotie. One word came up immediately: magnifique! Dry dates, figs and raisins with savoury, leathery aromas, medium bodied with well integrated tannins (the wine took another step up in complexity an hour later!). Automatically a comparison with Sesti and his biodynamic Brunello had to done. This Sangiovese is dense and long in the mouth, smoky, dry fruits, meaty and so young! Tannins were still firm but what an explosion of flavours! This is a tour de force to be able to produce such complex wine and yet it remain really well balanced.

After a rather bloody fight with the steaks (dessert… not for me, double espresso thank you!) We savoured the last drop of elixirs. Once again, the French are right by saying great food (Thank you Morton’s), amazing wines and fantastic company is a piece of Heaven!