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Vieux Château Certan 1971


“The 1971 is a little wine, pleasant enough, but lacking concentration, richness, character, and length. It has been ready to drink for some time, and now seems to be losing its fruit.” Anticipated maturity: Now-may be in decline. 74 Points, Robert Parker Last tasted, 9/79


John Lennon was “Hopeless and certainly on a road to failure”, Adolf Hitler’s “Moral conduct was very satisfactory” and Winston Churchill “does not understand the meaning of hard work and lacks ambition”.

This note on VCC 1971 is another example that experts cannot get it right all the time about their young charges; as I also tried to convey to my parents when my school report arrived at the end of each term. Coincidentally, I also lacked concentration.

I would not be as egotistical as to assume that I have developed as well as the VCC 1971 I tried the other day, but neither of us have gone into decline and like myself, the VCC is rounded out , fleshy and supple.

I cannot remember a wine this year that I have enjoyed as much. The fruit and complex secondary flavours were gloriously deep and very clean without a hint of tiredness. When one’s glass finally emptied, it was marred by a tinge of sadness especially as it has become very hard to find now and I imagine only a handful of bottles remain.

Don’t forget the old adage with wines of this age that there are no great wines, only great bottles, but if you do come across one with an excellent provenance, do take the risk.

Many thanks to James and Lisa for opening this treat for Beth and I the other day.